Pastor’s Pen_July 10, 2022

Another gun violence tragedy struck our nation at a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, IL. This quiet sleepy little suburb of Chicago was an unlikely place to expect a mass shooting. But then again, Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, TX, were also unlikely places. The reality is the preponderance of mass shootings has been in what mainstream Americans see as unlikely places. White America believes that such shootings must be in poor Black or Brown neighborhoods and result from turf wars and the natural propensity of minorities to be violent. Undoubtedly, drugs and other poverty-related circumstances contribute to the killings on the streets of Washington, Baltimore, and other urban enclaves. Still, America must now deal with gun violence in so-called unlikely places.

While Congress refuses to ban assault weapons, people will continue to be slaughtered in lovely treelined communities and the concrete caverns of our inner cities. Failure to recognize gun violence is not just a city’s problem but will continue to place everyone from the most affluent to the poorest in someone’s crosshairs.

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