Pastor’s Pen_June 5, 2022

Let me express my congratulations to our Social Justice Ministry (SJM) for the great work they have done on this WEAR ORANGE Weekend. The weekend was the national commemoration of all who have died from gun violence in the last several years.

The SJM held a wonderful prayer vigil Friday evening that was attended by many, including Robert Wright, candidate for Mayor of the District of Columbia.

Ayanna Hawkins, Esq., chair of the SJM, shared the following: 

“Wear Orange weekend is an annual reminder of the tragic numbers of gun violence victims. It began in 2015 in honor of Hadiya Pendleton, a young lady who participated in the second Inauguration of Barack Obama in 2013, only to be gunned down on a Chicago playground a week later. Her family and friends chose the first weekend in June 2015 to remember her on what would have been her 18th birthday. The color orange was chosen because it is the color hunters wear in the woods to increase their visibility and save lives.”

Please take a moment to view the memorial garden the SJM created on the corner of our parking lot. You will see the names of some of the recent victims as well as stuffed toys and other mementos to let the families of the victims know that their loved ones are not forgotten here at Shiloh. The SJM works tirelessly to provide the information and offer initiatives that keep us engaged in the work of standing up to injustices. Please keep this vital ministry in your prayers and participate in their worthwhile efforts.

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