Pastor’s Blog_July 24, 2022

Last week’s anniversary service was a remarkable outpouring of love. The worship service was superb. The choir’s selections were inspirational and the tributes by the Mensah family and Rev. Thomas Bowen continue to warm our hearts. After 31 years as pastor of Shiloh, we remain pleasantly surprised by our congregation’s support. May God continue to bless and keep our wonderful Shiloh family. To God be the glory!

We reported at yesterday’s Quarterly Stewardship Meeting that our last quarter’s income was less than anticipated. Expenses, however, continued at a pace that exceeded income. As a result, we find ourselves in a challenging situation. We need Shiloh members to increase giving. A telling picture is that although we exceeded the numbers of tithers this year, income remains down. We are, therefore, asking our church family to make every effort to increase contributions.

We also reported at the meeting that we are on target to sell two properties. Yet, we cannot allow this sale to lull us into believing that our financial challenges are over. As was said at the meeting, the sale of the properties will eliminate our mortgages but will not eliminate all our debt. We know inflation rages and gasoline prices are nearly double that of a year ago, but we implore you to be prayerful about your increase in giving. As you have in the past, please respond so that we may get past the summer slump and go into the fall in a much better financial position.

Again, please increase your giving. Whatever your present level of gifts, please raise them by ten percent. With belief in God, we can achieve this goal. Amen and Hallelujah!


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