Pastor’s Pen_April 24, 2022

A troubling phenomenon that grips our nation is gun violence. The Second Amendment is used in today’s culture as an excuse to bear all kinds of automatic or semi-automatic weapons. It is often stated that guns are used primarily for hunting and personal protection. Although there is some truth to these rationales, there are no recorded evidence to support them. No one shoots rabbits with automatic weapons, and a few uses automatic weapons for protection. Discharging AK47s for protection is ludicrous. When a rapid-fire gun is loaded and fired, an intruder would already have the upper hand.

No other nation in the developed world has a culture of gun violence like we have in the U.S. The Second Amendment protects the right of people to keep and bear arms.  It was authored when the colonists attempted to stave off the British Army from seizing weapons at random. That threat no longer exists. The overtly right-wing Republican gun lobbyists only care about their political agenda. It is time that our nation bring common sense to gun ownership. This world will never be safe until we “…beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks”, Isaiah 2:4 KJV. To the prophet, I exclaim a loud and hearty AMEN!

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