Pastor’s Pen_April 17, 2022

Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah!

Two thousand and twenty-two years ago, something so astounding and inexplicable occurred that the world changed forever. Rationality and scientific methodology govern the world. The universe operates according to fixed beliefs. For instance, the law of gravity never alters because gravity holds our solar system together. The earth revolves around the sun, and in our orbit, as the third planet from the sun, our course never deviates. If it did, life as we know it could not survive.

Our modern minds look at the stories from the book of Joshua and read with bemusement about God answering Joshua’s prayer to cause the sun not to shine for a full day. In our present world, logic and order have replaced superstition to make sense of existence. Then comes the resurrection. It does not conform to any of the principles just mentioned. Yet, the eyewitness testimonies of the resurrected Jesus after the crucifixion are rock solid. Something happened on the misty morning of the first day of the week in Jerusalem. We cannot explain it; even the most theologically astute cannot adequately answer what occurred. The best scientific minds can only say, Christ the Lord is risen today, Hallelujah!

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