Pastor’s Pen_April 3, 2022

The Senate has set April 4 as the time to consider Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Throughout the hearings, she presented herself as brilliant, calm, and incredibly patient with the inane questioning from the GOP Senators. They tried to paint her as soft in her sentencing of child pornographers and a stalking horse for Critical Race Theory. They all were obnoxious, but Ted Cruz was particularly objectionable in citing children’s books used at Georgetown Day, which he thought had a racial bias, and affirmed that Judge Jackson was a secret proponent of Critical Race Theory. It was evident that the Republicans were not questioning her fitness for the Supreme Court but pandering to Trump supporters in hopes of winning their next elections. This silly sham seems not to have paid off as at least one Republican, Senator Susan Collins, is prepared to vote for Judge Jackson’s elevation to the Court.

The only thing that will end this silliness is if the Trump supporters lose big in the primaries. In the meantime, African Americans and all people of goodwill have something to cheer about. The conclusion of Women’s History Month presented the nation that one brilliant Black sister bested the Lilliputians of lies–the GOP.

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