Pastor’s Pen_February 27, 2022

Today is Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Sunday at Shiloh. We congratulate the HBCU Council for the outstanding work they have done over the years to bring awareness of the vital role that HBCUs played in the freedom struggle of our people. Many leaders in politics, medicine, law, and education, to name a few, are HBCU graduates. Let us again join with the HBCU Council in celebrating the outstanding contributions of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

This week, Vladimir Putin did the unthinkable and invaded a sovereign nation, Ukraine. Over the years, our nation’s tepid response to Russian aggression emboldened Putin that our nation and the Western powers were paper tigers. The four years of the Trump Administration led him to believe that our nation supported him and all his nefarious schemes. We will need to wait to see the outcome of this invasion. Former President Trump’s attempts to dismantle NATO and the Western allies now can be seen for the disaster that those initiatives produced. Mr. Putin wants to restore the glory days of the old Soviet Union. He also recently made a thinly veiled threat that his nation has a nuclear arsenal that he will utilize if the U.S. attacks. We, of course, know that any military engagement by our nation would lead to World War III. What Mr. Pruden hopes to achieve is not well-defined. But it is abundantly clear:  he will not cease until he returns Russia to its former glory.

 Jesus said, “You don’t build atower without first counting the cost.” Increasingly, it looks like Mr. Putin has not adequately assessed the charge for his war. Arming Ukrainians and giving them economic support is the right thing to do. However, we must also draw on our Judeo-Christian roots. Isaiah declared, “We must beat our swords into plowshares and our spheres into pruning hooks.”  People of faith must make war with love and with spiritual power. Perhaps Russian aggression will return us to the realization that the defense we must build is prayer and right living, not B-1 bombers or the Trident missile.

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