My Dear Shiloh Family:

I pray that this letter finds you well. I write this evening to give an update on the ever-evolving development of the dangerous coronavirus – Covid-19.

The past several days have been challenging, to say the least.  We receive new details on the spread of the virus every day and those details are constantly changing.  We understand the fear and uncertainty that may be created as Special Reports continue to pop up on our screens.  

Finding new ways to cope with the threat of a menacing and deadly virus is difficult enough.  And yet, unscrupulous individuals seek to use this crisis to take advantage of our elders. Shiloh Seniors, please be careful.  As our kids say, “Stay Woke!”  Please don’t share any information or make any new decisions unless you are certain about the source and use of the information.  If you have questions, don’t do it.  Wait until you talk it over with a trusted friend. I know that we are unable to gather in our physical church building.  But we must remember,we are the church. The church is in us as we continue to meet to pray, study, worship, evangelize and even fellowship through 21st Century technology.  We hope to use every means available to us to maintain, as much as possible, the tie that binds us together. Here is what we are continuing to do to keep our congregation connected, spiritually, and emotionally:

  • Our regular Monday morning prayers with Rev. Bowen will be extended to Monday through Friday. The call-in number is 1-717-275-8941, access code 9331271.
  • As we have done for over a week, our noonday Lenten services will continue Monday through Friday until April 3. The call-in number is 1-857-232-0155, access code 428058.
  • On Thursday nights, March 18 through April 2, I will lead our Lifestyle Institute at 7:30 pm by phone: 1-857-232-0155, access code 428058.
  • Rev. Mensah along with some of our Associate Ministers, in the next few days, will be making phone calls to our Seniors 65 and older. 
  • Until further notice, we will continue our weekly worship service by livestream. This Sunday join us for a rebroadcast of one of our services at 10am; and at 11am a Conversation with your Pastor. For Livestream log on to Shiloh’s Website: www.shilohbaptist.org click on Livestream. To engage Pastor Smith by asking a question: Text toll free 1(202) 558-0917 OR Email:SBC@shilohbaptist.org

As we take shelter in this health crisis storm, recall the lesson in Mark 4:35-41, “Jesus calms the storm.” As you recall, Jesus was sleeping in the boat with several disciples when a violent storm raged the Sea of Galilee. The frightened disciples awake Jesus. Jesus awoke with authority, rebuked the wind, and calmed the sea. Jesus is in the boat with us and has the power to calm all storms and bring peace to His people. Let us continue to fix our eyes on Him, the Master of ocean, earth, and skies.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Smith