The Pastor’s Pen: March 8, 2020

During our Communion service a week ago today, God stood with our church
family as we prayed together for Deacon Elias Kibler.  Deacon Kibler was
overcome with an emergency medical challenge that caused us all to collectively
hold our breaths. Deacon Kibler fell unconscious and remained in this state for
nearly 1½ hours. Fortunately, the emergency medical team arrived quickly after
the 911 call was placed. Deacon Kibler was taken to the hospital, where he
received excellent medical attention. As we concluded our Communion service, we
received word that Deacon Kibler had been revived and was sitting up and
communicating with the nurses and doctors. What an awesome God we serve!
What might have resulted in a much worse outcome was avoided by the quick
response of members of our congregation. I commend, specifically, the lifesaving
skills of Anita Jordan, Juanita Bailey and Dr. Alvin Reaves, all of whom are medical professionals. They immediately sprang into action and provided emergency medical protocols for Deacon Kibler. Their untiring, persistent, and diligent efforts before the
paramedics arrived, I believe, made the difference in his life/death ordeal. I have
shared countless times that Shiloh is at its best in times of crisis. This was another
example of Shiloh at its best.

For all the wonders of technology, we must never forget that it was God who
performed the miracle. Those of us who have no medical experience did our part
by praying mightily for healing mercies.

That evening, First Lady G. Elaine Smith and I visited Deacon Kibler at
Washington Hospital Center. We were both amazed to see what God had done
through him and for him. He looked great, his voice was strong, and his mind was
clear! He told us he remembered enjoying the worship service, but nothing else.
When he became conscious, he found himself in the hospital, recovering from
emergency surgery, and wondering how all this had come about.
I believe God allows certain circumstances to be occasions for teaching the power
of faith. What happened last Sunday was such an example. The medical emergency
of Deacon Kibler showed us that when we all come together in fervent prayers and
believe mightily in our prayers, miracles can and will happen. Hallelujah!