The Pastor’s Pen: December 15, 2019

Last Sunday, “Messiah Sunday” proved to be a rich spiritual experience for all. For our morning worship, the Gospel Choir and the Wallace Charles Smith Ensemble rendered rousing sounds of excerpts from Quincy Jones’, Handel’s

Messiah: A Soulful Celebration. At 3:30, our Senior Choir provided another matchless presentation of the venerable Messiah of George Frederic Handel. The church was full, with roughly 1,000 people in attendance. As always, the soloists and musicians were of the highest quality. We also were blessed by the signers and interpreters’ enthusiastic presentation of Messiah. Special thanks to Drs. Thomas Dixon Tyler and Sharon Parker, the Music Ministry, General Usher Board, Communication Ministry, administrative and support staffs, and all who contributed to this tremendous blessing to deliver a matchless and memorable concert. To God be the glory!

Over the years, I have said that the singing of Messiah begins our Christmas season here at Shiloh. In actuality, we are now in the third Sunday of Advent, the time when we expectantly wait for the coming of our Savior. In this year of turmoil and political confusion, it is certainly clear to many of us that the coming of the Messiah is desperately needed. Evil in the world runs unchecked. Systems that we have come to rely upon are under constant attack. Those who have followed the impeachment hearings know that Republicans and Democrats can look at the exact same facts and come away with diametrically opposing opinions. Perhaps most egregiously we are seeing the death of truth. Politicians take proven facts and create an alternate universe where only the facts as they present them are real. Some of this can be attributed to the many different media outlets available today that did not exist years ago. At one time, news was handled by the three major networks: ABC, CBS, and NBC. Now round the clock Fox News presents their version of facts as does CNN and MSNBC. Add to that, the insatiable world of talk radio and Internet that promote the various conspiracy theories with impunity.  

What are we as Christians to do? The answer is simple: we continue to diligently study God’s word, then hold the Bible’s recommendations against what politicians promote. We must never forget the words of our Lord and Savior who answered the issues of falsity and truth by saying, “We shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free” (John 8:32).