The Pastor’s Pen: November 10, 2019

Shortly after majority of the city’s jubilance over the Washington Nationals’ World Series victory came the insidiousness of our nation’s present political climate. As has been the custom for some time now, championship teams are invited to the White House and honored by the president. Several championship teams, however, have declined the invitation because of the policies of the current president. “Forty-five” has branded people from developing countries as coming from “s-hole nations” and cities with high poverty rates such as Baltimore have been painted as rat and roach infested. It is immaterial that New York City, the home city of the president, has the largest rat population in the United States. But, when it comes to “45”, truth is always trumped by a good lie or “alternative facts.” That brings us to “45’s” favorite region to insult, Latin America. He launched his run for the presidency on an escalator going down, which in retrospect was a metaphor for his leadership continually going downward. When he announced his candidacy, he declared that he would seriously curtail immigration from Mexico and Latin America, as persons from these countries were largely gang members, rapists, and murderers.

Fast forward to today. We saw at the ceremony that some members of the Washington Nationals support the president, but for many of the Latin American players, to decline the president’s invitation would have put them and their families in grave jeopardy.

This president is not above retaliating by any means necessary, including dispensing I.C.E. agents to gather up people who might not have sufficient documentation. Nat’s reliever, Sean Doolittle, made it clear that he was not going to attend the ceremony, but an Anglo-American of several generations, Doolittle is not subject to the same reprisals as those who more recently immigrated to this country. It is a crying shame that something as unifying and celebratory as the Washington Nationals’ victory against all odds, is besmirched by a White House unashamedly silent about the racist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia, or the mass murders wrought by a white supremacist who went to El Paso, Texas to kill Mexicans. As the impeachment investigation continues and as back and forth debates rage over the president’s offer to release military aid to Ukraine having been a quid pro quo for damaging information on Joe Biden or not, the fact of the matter is this, that Donald John Trump has proven time and time again, since his first day in office, that he cares only for white males, and that his presidency extends solely to this group of Americans. In many ways, I have been torn about whether the Democrats should begin an impeachment inquiry. It seems to me that taking that step plays into the hands of all the Trump supporters and certainly to the “whiner in chief”, himself. However, as much as I feel the prudent action is to beat him soundly at the polls, the noose that his racism has placed around too many Americans’ necks must be stopped and the grave danger he has put us in must end sooner than later.