The Pastor’s Pen: August 25, 2019

Just when we thought that the craziness coming from the Oval Office could not be exceeded, word came to the nation that “45” wanted to buy Greenland. Of course, no one said that Greenland was for sale, but “45” wanted to pursue a purchase anyway. This would be like Great Britain calling us to make an offer on Hawaii or perhaps California. It is absurd. However, as we know, absurdity is the name of the game in the present White House. It seems that “45” does not have a clue about some basic tenets of the faith. One of those being, “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain…” (Psalm 127:1). I have no clue as to why the president would see a purchase of Greenland as a good idea. I have heard that it had something to do with our strategic objectives. Of course, post-Cold War efforts to secure our borders make very little sense. As does the initiative to close off the Southern border, under the aegis that all the Mexicans to cross the border are gang members, murderers, and rapists. One can only assume that in the mind of 45 people who live in Greenland are much more to his liking in terms of race and culture. Whatever the reason, the absurdity is beyond description. Thankfully the people of Greenland decided that this offer was ludicrous. Of course, after the rebuff, the president canceled the trip to Denmark showing, as he always does, that when it comes to emotion, he is stuck somewhere around two or three years old. Canceling a trip as a result of a rebuff that was only imagined, can only be described as a 70-year-old man’s temper tantrum. At least we didn’t see him lying in the aisles of a supermarket kicking and screaming, but this episode may not be over yet, so hang on.

We continue to be extremely grateful for the way our congregation has responded to the Covenant Commitment Campaign. We continue to realize our exceptional faithfulness to God and our church. We have asked that gifts would be contributed by 15 September to ensure that we would have the funds necessary to see to it that our covenant with BB&T Bank is fully met by 30 September. It looks like that possibility will be coming to fruition. We can only thank God for every man, woman, and child who has responded to this call and stepped up with gifts that were sacrificial and heartfelt. May God continue to bless our wonderful Shiloh family as we make every effort to build this village that reflects God’s Kingdom.