The Pastor’s Pen: July 14, 2019

We welcome to our pulpit today, the Reverend Kevin L. Peterman, a new member to our church and an exceptional preacher. In a short time, we have witnessed and experienced his anointing as a preacher, teacher, and leader of our young adults. We thank God for Rev. Peterman and his captivating old-style delivery, and know he will bring a powerful, spiritually up-lifting Word from the Lord.


Let me express my deepest appreciation for the awesome response of the Shiloh family to the Covenant Commitment Campaign that we launched a week ago. Whenever we have faced challenges, Shiloh has always responded favorably. We know the Lord is on our side and with the Lord’s help, we will be victorious.

We continue to thank God for the tremendous work of all who have worked with our Reimagining Shiloh team. We have decided that we will not rest this summer but will continue laying the groundwork and preparing for an exciting new church year. The overall question is, “How can we be the best church we can be?” The political, social, economic, and moral anxieties of our time are adversely impacting our churches. A large majority of white evangelicals have made it clear that a politician’s most abhorrent behavior is acceptable as long as the politician says what they want to hear. As in the time of Ahab and Jezebel, God’s Word is the only antidote for rampant evil. The world needs the church now more than ever. Yet, we cannot be unmindful that communicating a message in this technological age must be different than it was 2,000 years ago, when runners ran from village to village to communicate news of victory or defeat in a war. That same message today can be communicated electronically in a nanosecond. As desperately as the world needs the Word of God, the Word yet cannot be delivered through ancient methods; services cannot last several hours; snail mail can no longer be the way we contact members; music must inspire and uplift; and sermons must be crisp and to the point. These are but a few of the internal challenges churches face today.  We are grateful to God that our church family is rolling up our sleeves and embracing our new initiatives. With the help of the Lord, we will prevail!