The Pastor’s Pen: May 19, 2019

May begins our Spring Revival, which will be held May 28-30 at 7:00 p.m. We will be blessed again to have as our revivalist, the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, esteemed and honored Pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Moss has electrified us with his creative approach to preaching. Regularly, his sermons are filled with vivid images and illustrations from contemporary music, movies and print. We are encouraging our entire congregation to mark the week of Revival and plan to attend. Our young adults are leading, coordinating and will be facilitating these services. We thank them for their tireless efforts that help to keep our church beaming as a beacon of hope throughout the DMV. Please plan to attend this excellent time for spiritual growth and development. If you miss these services, you will surely miss a blessing.
We have just completed the third session of our Lifestyle Institute studies devoted to examining a fresh and new approach to our worship services and congregation – intergenerational worship. The goal of these sessions was to share openly how we move our congregation from multigenerational ministry to intergenerational ministry. We have been encouraged to bring our imaginations together to glimpse God’s blueprints towards worship in which “people of every age are understood to be equally important.” Through intergenerational worship, we will maximize the gifts God has given to our church family, from the oldest to the youngest. This endeavor is the newest phase of our fundamental mission, “to build a village that represents God’s kingdom.” Our sincerest thanks to Dr. Thomas Dixon Tyler for his vision and leadership in this initiative. At the end of these sessions, we will begin work on implementing practical ways that we may reimagine our wonderful church. Shiloh is an historic congregation which has developed several groundbreaking programs over the years. Our Family Life Center building was the first of such centers in Black churches anywhere in the U.S. To this day, Tennis At Shiloh remains one of the most creative programs of an African-American congregation in the world. Nicole Lamb-Hale, who co-leads the Reimagining Shiloh Initiative with Dr. Antonio McLaren, often says, “we are simply adding new rooms to an already excellent building!” We are calling on all Shiloh members to “catch the spirit” and join in and support this important initiative. More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks. To God be the glory!