The Pastor’s Pen: May 12, 2019

We welcome to our pulpit on this Mother’s Day and Women’s Day celebration, the Rev. NaKeisha Blount, a young woman who has distinguished herself as a preacher/theologian and as an effective attorney. Recently, she became a judge and
continues to successfully balance the challenges of family life and career. At Shiloh, we have watched as she and her husband, Raymond, have shown their love and attentiveness to their daughter, Aleia, a very special young lady in our youth ministry. We thank God for Rev. Blount and we know that she will deliver a powerful message at our 10:55 worship service.

Congratulations are extended to George Mensah, Jr., another young adult who has grown up right before our eyes. Today, George will graduate from Delaware State University. We thank God for blessing us with the joys of propelling and nurturing George during his formative years along his young Christian journey. We know that God has great things in store for him. In addition, we congratulate all our graduating seniors from high schools, colleges and graduate schools. Shiloh continues to be blessed to have many talented and God-like young people in our midst.

We also celebrate the mothers of Shiloh – biological, surrogates or mentors. Women and mothers are priceless, valued beings to humanity — period! They continue to do their great work while earning less than their male counterparts, while experiencing the horror of domestic violence and the rising unchecked violence on our streets, while sobbing and grieving over the deaths of their children who were caught in street violence, and while being sexually violated and assaulted randomly, or too often by people they know and trust. In the face of these horrific challenges, women and mothers yet hold high the candles that flame for moral and ethical direction in our world; they continue to effectively balance life, work and family, and continue to courageously and valiantly stand up against injustices imposed on their womanhood and on the silent majority in our society. We thank God for the women and mothers of this congregation and around the world and salute them on this special day.